Your 6 step Guide to Ranger on Call (and a great date)

There's pretty much nothing as cool as a date to a national park. And now there's a way to impress your date even more, without leaving town. Explore the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area (a national park!) any time you like, and impress your sweetheart with your insight into our nation's greatest river by taking the Ranger on Call audio tour any time of day, all summer long.

The Ranger on Call tour is your guide to exploring the Mississippi River's most exceptional places. By calling the Ranger on Call number at a story station, you can listen to stories about the Mississippi River's history, science, art and natural places. Three tours are geared for bicyclists, with tours stops at Nice Ride stations by the Stone Arch Bridge/St. Anthony Falls area, downtown St. Paul riverfront, and Fort Snelling/Minnehaha Falls. Three additional walking tours are at Coldwater Spring, Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary and Hasting's Jaycee Park.

So, you ask, how can I find an amazing date and take this awesome tour? Well, I can't help you with the first question, but I do have a 6 step guide to Ranger on Call.

So, here you go:

1. Find Nice Ride Story Stations at many Nice Ride stations along the Mississippi River. Or check out to find one. I'm standing here at the Science Museum of Minnesota (which is also home of the Mississippi River Visitor Center where you can stop in to meet a real national park ranger).

2. Call in and listen to stories of history, science, art and nature on the Mississippi River. You never know what you might learn! Date night tip: Use speaker phone!

3.  Check out the map at the story station to find out where the tour goes next or find your route at 

4. Pay the nice people at Nice Ride and check out your bike. Date Night Tip: Nice Ride let's you put up to two bikes on each credit card.

5. Admit it. Everyone looks better in a bike helmet. Date Night Tip: To find some real style, get a Nice Ride matching green helmet.

6. Ride off into the sunset, towards your next story station.

And that's it, 6 steps to a great date, and a great way to learn about our cities and the Mississippi River that connects us all.

Don't have a date? No problem! Ranger on Call can be enjoyed with family and friends. Furry pooches will also enjoy the walking tours available at Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary, Coldwater Spring, or Hastings Jaycee Park.

Now that's a Ranger on Call!