Preserving Prairies, Protecting Pollinators

By Alora K. Jones

From Coon Rapids Dam to Coldwater Spring, you may have noticed the colorfully blooming and buzzing prairie scenes along the river. Thanks to the success of our Pollinator Patch program, the Mississippi River Fund and the National Park Service are restoring prairie landscapes to attract more pollinators - like bees and butterflies - in our national park.  

Birds, fish and other wildlife rely on pollinator species as a food source, and pollinators play vital role in facilitating most plant reproduction, including some of our food crops like apples. Pollinators are also essential to ensuring the next generation of beautiful flowers, like the ones thriving at Coldwater Spring's prairie landscape.

Loss of pollinators’ natural habitat and overuse of pesticides are two leading factors in the recent disappearances of pollinators. By avoiding or limiting use of dangerous pesticides, planting native wildflowers, and purchasing a Pollinator Patch for our national park, you can become part of the pollinator solution. 

Every $100 Pollinator Patch donation will provide enough seeds and plants to restore a 500 square foot patch of prairie in the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area. Donors will receive a Pollinator Patch certificate which they can keep or choose to have sent as a gift. Be a friend to pollinators and help us restore prairie habitats in your national park! Donate here.