Meet Callie our new Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Callie Sacarelos, Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Mississippi Park Connection


Mississippi Park Connection is the perfect synthesis of my personal passions and goals for my community. Our vision to ignite discovery and a lifelong relationship with the Mississippi River resonates with my soul, because it was only a few years ago that I discovered my own deep connection with nature.

I look forward to helping others discover this pulse in Minnesota, whether it’s kids going to a state park for the first time through our youth education programs or business professionals reorienting themselves with the outdoors through our volunteer stewardship programs. I am most interested in emphasizing Mississippi Park Connection’s core value of ensuring that everyone feels a sense of ownership of this park. It is important to me that we recognize the indigenous history of this sacred land and water and continue to seek to inspire people of all backgrounds to discover, explore, and cherish this place.