Meet the New MN GreenCorps Member for MPC

Auste Eigirdas, Minnesota GreenCorps, Mississippi Park Connection


I am excited to continue the Minnesota GreenCorps legacy at Mississippi Park Connection. Although I am originally from Los Angeles, I grew up with a deep appreciation for my local parks. In 2014, I relocated to southern Minnesota and attended St. Olaf College where I had the opportunity to help manage 600 acres of natural land. Along with invasive removal, seed collection, and tree monitoring, I led a capstone project on the local Eastern bluebird population. I analyzed over two decades of data to determine the success rates of nest boxes and helped develop a future management plan for the St. Olaf College nest box trail. After graduating in the spring, I continued in the natural resource track and spent the summer as Horticulture intern at the Eloise Butler Wildlife Garden where I gained valuable insight into the park system. City and state parks have always played an important role in my life, so I am especially excited to be serving at Mississippi Park Connection as one of this year’s Minnesota GreenCorps members.

At MPC, I will assist in collecting field data from sites along the Mississippi River that will be implemented in the Forest Management Plan. I am excited to continue in a position that allows me to spend time outdoors and hope to continue expanding my knowledge of Minnesota’s habitats. Furthermore, I will assist MPC staff in organizing and leading tree plantings, invasive species removal, and other volunteer events. Beyond that, I am excited to be exposed to all the projects and programs happening at the organization and to be able to take part in preserving and enhancing the Mississippi River.