A Grand Night Out on the Mississippi River


Which option best describes you?

  • A. History Buff

  • B. Theater Geek

  • C. Nature Lover

  • D. Booze Cruiser

  • E. Other

  • F. All of the above

If you answered C, B, E, A, D or F then you are the perfect candidate for solving Murder on the Mississippi. Yup, that means everyone! Whether you’re looking for a unique date idea, a special birthday party event, a theatrical performance, or just a fun night out in the Twin Cities, Murder on the Mississippi has you covered.

Imagine boarding the Jonathan Padelford riverboat—one of the few truly authentic sternwheelers on the Mississippi River. This all-steel vessel is named for the tenth great maternal grandfather of Capt. William D. Bowell, Sr., founder of Padelford Riverboats. The engines are identical to the old steam engines but run hydraulically. The sound of the steam is still there, transporting you back to the 1850s when Murder on the Mississippi takes place.

There you are, standing on the boat deck with an ice cold drink in your hand, admiring the lush green shores and floodplains of the Mississippi River. The Saint Paul skyline, glowing in the golden hour, fades away in the distance as the boat carries you on your river adventure. An eagle soars overhead, reminding you how lucky you are to live in a city where the wildness of a national park is just a few blocks from government buildings and Fortune 500 companies.

The rest of your evening is swept up in a who-done-it murder mystery theatrical performance by Fearless Comedy Productions. The original script, based on the history of the Mississippi River in the 1850s, captivates you from start to finish as you and your fellow passengers work to save one of the characters from being murdered!

The sun is setting as the boat returns to dock, casting a hue across the sky that encapsulates the magic and mystery of your journey on the mighty Mississippi.

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