We've Got A New Intern!

Maya Swope, Volunteer Events & Engagement Intern, Mississippi Park Connection

Hello, everyone! My name is Maya Swope, and I am the new Volunteer Events and Engagement Intern at Mississippi Park Connection. I’m so incredibly excited to be joining this wonderful team at our national park!

I recently finished my sophomore year at Macalester College in Saint Paul, where I am majoring in Environmental Studies and Geography. Originally from New Hampshire, I grew up hiking and canoeing in the mountains and lakes that surrounded my rural home. Now, as a Saint Paul resident, I treasure the urban park that runs through our cities for its beauty and accessibility. I never knew I could live in a city and still be able to visit such beautiful green spaces!

Here at Mississippi Park Connection, our summer volunteer season is already in full swing-- and I’ve had so much fun helping to lead restoration projects throughout the park. During my first two months with the organization, I have learned so much about native and invasive plants, visited some of the most interesting and beautiful sites in the area, and worked with many a group of awesome volunteers. One of my favorite things to do in our park is to visit Coldwater Spring-- the prairie is blooming beautifully this time of year! I am excited to continue in this position until December, and hope to see you out in the park!