Top 5 Reasons Why YOU Should Come to the Volunteer Recruitment Fair!

Pashia Yang, Centennial Volunteer Intern, Mississippi Park Connection

Hello, everyone! 

My name is Pashia Yang. I am a currently enrolled student at St. Catherine University and starting in February, I became an intern with Mississippi Park Connection. I am a Centennial Volunteer Organizer since the national parks are at their centennial year. It’s been a pleasure knowing that national parks have been around since 1916! Volunteers are a significant contribution to keeping and maintaining specific national parks. We love our volunteers!

My role as an intern is to work with my site supervisor, Mary Hammes in recruiting and sustaining all of our wonderful volunteers. We do events such as Seed Bombs, prairie talks, habitat restoration projects, and so much more! On March 24th, there will be a Volunteer Recruitment Fair at the National Park Service Headquarters from 10am – 2pm. I shall list beneficial components to becoming an awesome volunteer with Mississippi Park Connection.


Networking. According to many, networking is the best solution to find shared interests. A network is a supportive system of sharing information and services among individuals and groups. A network can help in the long run when looking for a job or even other opportunities!

Experience. When becoming a volunteer, there are endless experiences to encounter. For example, making and learning about Seed Bombs can give you the experience of knowing more about habitat restoration and prairies.

Education. Being a volunteer also means that you are learning and educating those that are learning it for the first time. Helping others understand the given situations, and problems can help more individuals come together and support these issues.

Developing Skills. You can develop remarkable skills by being a volunteer. Public speaking skills, social skills, teamwork skills, and many others are incorporated when volunteering. This development can help you in the future and also, strengthen some of your weaknesses.

Community Service. Not only are you bringing service to yourself, but you are also bringing service to your community. Restoring habitat can help many wild organisms regain their natural resources. By picking up trash by the Mississippi River or planting seeds, this is beneficial to the community and you. You should feel awesome for being a part of an awesome community!

Thanks for reading about being an awesome volunteer. You may see me around with Mary during future volunteer events!