How Does #MissNPS #OptOutside?

Alora K. Jones, Marketing and Communications Associate, Mississippi Park Connection

Last year on Black Friday our friends at REI did something different - they shut the co-op’s doors and spent the day outside. This year they’re closing again and we’ve decided to opt outside with them by organizing a day of fun and exploring in our national park!

Coldwater Spring

Join rangers from Mississippi National River and Recreation Area this Black Friday for a day of fun, family-friendly treasure hunting at Coldwater Spring! The day's activities will combine hiking, orienteering, and learning about the important connections between people and wildlife of the Mississippi River. Whichever path you choose, choose to opt outside with friends and family this year!

Even if we’re not working that day, don’t expect to see any of us at the mall on Black Friday. Here’s how just a few staff members are Opting Outside this year…

Kids playing in raked leaves “Our family will spend the day exploring our local parks around Lake Johanna. We'll play tag on the playground, search for the three neighborhood turkeys, and play epic rounds of stomp rocket. We love fall and Opt Outside a great reminder to take advantage of our beloved parks and trails.” - Brian, Mississippi National River and Recreation Area

Young women hiking “I will be home in New Hampshire, visiting my family and introducing some college friends to the beautiful, rural place where I grew up. We will hike in the hills behind my house and hopefully make our way up to a nearby beaver pond-- a favorite spot from my childhood!” - Maya, Mississippi Park Connection

Boy playing in raked leaves “My family plan is to #OptOutside by visiting a local park to search for discoveries along a forested trail, support my three-year old son's newfound love for binoculars by watching for migrating birds, and probably visit a playground or two.” - Allie, Mississippi National River and Recreation Area

Woman relaxing in hammock “I’m really excited to go to Colorado with my family this Thanksgiving. We have plans for a day hike in Boulder on Black Friday, but after eating everything I see the previous day, I might just put my hammock up and take a nap!” - Mary, Mississippi Park Connection

Girls exploring along the Mississippi River in winter “My kids and I will go for a walk along the Mississippi River near our house. We like to search for animal footprints in the wet sand on the edge of the river. And, no trip to the river is complete without throwing some sticks and rocks into the river.” - Dan, Mississippi National River and Recreation Area

Woman hiking “I’m going to start a new tradition of post-turkey hiking with my loved ones. I’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving in Denver this year, and plan to drive up to Rocky Mountain National Park the next day to go hiking.” - Alora, Mississippi Park Connection

We hope you'll choose to #OptOutside too this Black Friday, and give thanks for life's most precious gift of all - nature. See you out there!