Free T's, Fab Trees: 7 reasons to sign up for our biggest event of the year

1. It's a kind of a big deal. National Public Lands Day is the biggest single event at Coldwater Spring. Saturday, September 27 is a true park-building day when hundreds of volunteers join together to restore the park.

2. Free food and coffee. That's right, REI will be providing a light breakfast to fuel all of the good deeds happening at Coldwater.

3. Free shirt. Again, thank you REI! My friends love my shirt from last year because of the cool design and I've heard at least one person cite the quality technical T-shirts as a reason to volunteer again this year. Come for the Ts, then plant some trees!

4.  Burn off those free breakfast calories doing good work. We'll be planting about 100 trees and shrubs, and over 1,000 small plants. We've spent hundreds of hours taking the bad (invasive) plants out of Coldwater, now we get to put good ones in!

5. Parks need people. Volunteers have already donated some 7,000 hours to restore the park. They've planted more than 500 trees, along with hundreds and hundreds of shrubs and native flowers. Be a park builder-- then come back, and visit the trees and plants you planted.
6. Hang out with National Park Service rangers. It might be the hat, badge, friendly smiles, or fun facts galore, so don't miss your chance to hang out with the folks in green.

7. Boost our blockbuster barn-raising! We want to make this the largest National Public Lands Day yet. Help us meet our goal of 150 volunteers. So far, 112 people have signed up for what we think is the modern version of a barn-raising. Join our tree army, and tell your friends about it too! Register here.