Coldwater's Big Day

The calendar says September, but for Coldwater Spring, next Saturday is like Thanksgiving, the Fourth of July, and New Year's all rolled into one. Saturday, September 26th is National Public Lands Day; it's not a national holiday with turkeys, fireworks, or Champagne, but it is the biggest day of the year at Coldwater. That's when 150 volunteers, plus dozens of staff and partners, come together to build a park.

Since 2012, volunteers have planted 600 trees and thousands of shrubs and grasses at the park. The plantings, and more importantly, the people, are what make Coldwater a park. National Public Lands Day volunteers first came to Coldwater in September 2012, the same month the park opened to the public.

The National Park Service had acquired responsibility for Coldwater in 2011, when the property had a dozen abandoned building, with broken windows and graffiti.

Now, Coldwater is a public green space, where kids earn their Junior Ranger badges, painters come to make art, and people walk to see history and nature.  The park is home to wildlife, and the park is part of people's lives.

Next Saturday, we hope you'll be part of Coldwater's big day. Our friends at REI bring a light breakfast and T-shirts for all registered volunteers. Come help build a park! Register here.