Coldwater's 2014 Holiday Letter -- with apologies to The Sound of Music

Dear friends and family,
Wow! 2014 was the year of people at the park --so many folks, old friends and new, came to visit. Instead of the usual holiday letter, we want to share a song. So hum along as you read about our year, set to the tune of The Sound of Music’s My Favorite Things.

Monarchs on flowers and 
skunk hats on staffers,

Bold wild turkeys and

cool salamanders,

Big bluestem grasses growin’ by springs,
These are a few of our favorite things—

New Junior Rangers and 

shy little ‘possums,

Pooh Bears and 

mink scat and

prairies ablossom, 

Happy kids that roam through the park like they’re kings,
These are a few of 
our favorite things—

Park Service rangers doing all kinds of actions,

New stones for walking o’er slippery patches,

Pinky sky sunsets that melt o’er the springs,
These are a few of our favorite things—                                            

When coyote stalk,

When graffiti stains,
When we're feeling sad,

We simply remember our favorite things, 

And then we don’t feel so bad.  
Happy Holidays from all of us at the park!