Art for water lovers

Earth Day Brilliance
by Cordelia Pierson
Main Street Mill Race
by Cordelia Pierson
Cordelia Pierson cares about water, so it’s natural that her new photo exhibit is all about rivers, lakes, waterfalls and even flooded streets. 
Pierson’s “Caring for Water” art is on display until February 21 at the First Congregational Church in south Minneapolis. (The church is usually open Tuesday through Friday, 10 am to 2 pm, but call the church at 612-331-3816 before visiting.)
Pierson’s photographs range from frost-rimmed scenes of the Mississippi river front to a stunning Lake Superior sunrise and seldom seen views of the watery tunnels under Main Street. Pierson does more than just snap pretty pictures of water. She’s spent years working on, and for, waters. At age 20, Pierson was one of a six-person crew that sailed across the Atlantic in a 43-foot yawl. 
City By Nature by Cordelia Pierson
These days, she’s executive director of the Minnesota Environmental Fund and also represents the metro area on the Minnesota Mississippi River Parkway Commission. She and other commissioners are working on a longterm plan for the river that will be complete this October. 
Fawn's Leap Creek by Cordelia Pierson
Pierson’s photos, including a flooded street scene called Fawn’s Leap Creek, help viewers make connections about water and our environment. She notes that rain drains directly into the Mississippi River through hidden storm water tunnels where creeks once flowed. “We can create places to absorb and clean the water, and for plants with names like butterfly plant and prairie smoke to thrive,” Pierson said.

East Channel Snake
by Cordelia Pierson
From a sinuous snow-covered rock to pre-tornado views of the heron rookery and boys launching a leaf boat, “Caring for Water” highlights the grace and power of a most essential element of our world.