Plant For the Future

Invasive emerald ash borer will change the river’s landscape forever. Help us Plant For the Future!

We are building a strong and resilient urban forest for generations to come. By planting a diverse mix of native and southern-adapted species, our park’s forests will better resist emerging pests and disease, and will become adapted to a changing climate.

Supporting a healthy tree canopy benefits our community and the river through improved:

  • Flood Protection
  • Water Quality
  • Scenic Value
  • Erosion Control
  • Habitat for Wildlife
  • Cooling effects of the tree canopy
  • Carbon Sequestration
  • Human health and wellness for people visiting and living along the river

Ash trees within the park contain an estimated 101,555 tons of carbon, about the same as saving 38,009,477 gallons of gas consumed, taking 71,353 cars off the road for a year or installing 85 wind turbines. Loss of ash will also lead to rise in available land for invasive plant takeover, which means the time to act is now.

As the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area’s urban canopy faces increasing pressure from invasive pests, a changing climate, and challenges with regeneration, Mississippi Park Connection is committed to building resilience in our urban forests. Over the last several years, Mississippi Park Connection has made a commitment to the Mississippi River’s floodplain and other forested areas.

Read more about our efforts:

Get Involved with Plant For the Future

  • Volunteer individually or with a group
  • Host a community gravel bed at your home or business
  • Donate in kind goods or services
  • Host a climate adaptation education event at your home or business
  • Consider tree diversity when planting in your own yard
  • Talk to your local government about tree diversity for new tree plantings on your boulevard